Pars Amoud is a company who works in building construction sector.

Pars Amoud estableshed in Iran. PA works since 2000 for the facades systems, door systems and the other parts of the buildings interior or exterior applications of construction works.

At the first time Pars Amoud meeting for the project. Then analysis the needs and solutions. After this Pas Amoud creates the prroject. Behind the metal and glass parts produced for the montage. Finally the work has complated.

Pars Amoud manufacturing metal parts and using these with aluminum and glass for modern and architectural facade system projects and solutions.

Pars Amoud creating special solutions for interior and exterior areas of the modern buildings with using metal parts, aluminum and glass.

Pars Amoud manufacturing automatic doors, sliding doors, folding doors, security doors for your project with the meterials of aluminum, metal and glass.