Aluminum-plate-profiles, with their elegant and luxury design; can be used in the interior and the exterior of a building(as an alternative to every kind of plate cladding).


Applicable in the subbasement, spandrel and parapet sections; balcony railings, entrance doors of the buildings and the upper parts of the doors; on the ceiling, in offices, on billboards, in every detail and public place; aluminum-plate-profiles can be produced with an eloxal or electrostatic coating conforming to Qualicot and Qualanod certifications.

It has its own aluminum sub-construction and can be used with every kind of heat insulation plate (EPS, XPS, rock wool, glass wool).

Subject Description
System Name Decorative Alm. Panel Coating Systems
System Category Facade Coating Systems
Application Area Exterior Areas
Main Materials Steel profiles, aluminum profiles, composite panels.
Advantages Luxuy designs, using on a lot of areas fo the modern buildings.
Usage Areas Air ports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, residences and more modern buildings.

System Images