The building envelope constructed with aluminum cladding is formed with a modular technique. All the constituents that form the panel cladding modules, become end products in a controlled fabricating process and are assembled in the worksite.





The advantages of panel cladding application:

  • High Quality
  • Quick Installation
  • Water discharge and ventilation have been resolved and tested within the system. The performance and comfort standards of the systems (system values, within the related norms and project parameters of air-water imperviousness and wind-resistance) are checked and confirmed.

    The systems can be divided into four main categories:

  • Aluminum panel siding systems with caps
  • Panel siding systems with aluminum, structural silicones
  • Semi structured panel siding systems with aluminum caps
  • Panel siding systems with aluminum trays

    Subject Description
    System Name Panel Facade System
    System Category Curtain Wall Systems
    Application Area Exterior Areas
    Main Materials Aluminum and Glass
    Advantages High quality, quick installation and comfortable using.
    Usage Areas Air ports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, residences and more modern buildings.

    System Images