In the Structural Silicon Facade system, any aluminium profile is seen from outside. Instead 15mm Glass joints make the gaps in between nearly unvisible. As the impermeability between the glass panels is ensured by EPDM gasket, no impermeability silicone is applied in between the panels.




Therefore, shadow formation between glass panels is prevented. As necessary, any glass panel chosen (concealing which one opens from outside) may be converted into a hidden wing.

Glasses are covered with aluminum profiles by using plastering method. These aluminum profiles may be transformed into invisible wings when desired.

Besides heat-proofing, property can be gained by changing these profiles (profiles with heat-proofing property and many cribs), so it's fitting to the buildings structure, geography and climate.

Subject Description
System Name Silicon Facade System
System Category Curtain Wall Systems
Application Area Exterior Areas
Materials Aluminum Parts and Glass
Advantages High quality, quick installation and comfortable using.
Usage Areas Air ports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, residences and more modern buildings.

System Images