Stainless Steel Balustrade Systems

Wire & Stainless steel balustrade designs are popular choices when selecting balustrades for residential and commercial settings. It is a very durable material, containing a chemical element called chromium that protects the metal and gives it a smooth, lustrous finish.




Stainless steels are highly resistant to damage, impact damage and environment elements. We supply stainless wire rope and hardware that is highly heat and corrosion resistant. This includes protecting and withstanding damages from many acids, bases, detergents and salt water.

Glass Balustrade Systems

Pars Amoud are your glass balustrade systems specialists, offering a range of choices for glass fencing and glass pool fencing, balconies or staircases. When you need cost effective, glass product solutions let us at Pars Amoud and our professional team assist in achieving a sleek, modern glass design at your residential or commercial property.

Just like stainless steel wire, glass balustrade systems can be implemented to provide clear, unobstructed views for when other materials would get in the way. They can be combined with other metals and timber to offer a stylish, transparent design, while at the same time, a safe boundary that is suitable for most perimeters.

Subject Description
System Name Stainless & Glass Balustrade System
System Category Interior and Exterior Areas
Application Area Inteior or Exterior Areas
Materials Steel and metal parts, glass models.
Advantages High quality, modern architectural designs and comfortable using.
Usage Areas Air ports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, residences and more modern buildings.

System Images